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Health Care for Profit music video

Music Video "Health Care for Profit"

Sandra Izsadore

Born in Los Angeles, ideology shaped by the ills of society. As a young girl Sandra’s dream was to become an entertainer. Sandra studied acting and African dance in Los Angeles it was during this period that she met Fela Ransome-Kuti; at this time he was looking for a singer. Sandra became that singer and the person who introduced him to black consciousness. It was during this revolutionary period in Los Angeles that Afro Beat was born through Sandra’s influence to Fela. Fela left America and five months later sent for Sandra to come to Nigeria and work with his band. Sandra stayed in Nigeria singing and working with Fela for seven months before returning to the U.S

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SANDRA IZSADORE is a singer composer who during the early 1970’s met and revitalized Africa’s revolutionary genius FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI. Upon meeting Sandra, Fela’s musical and political ideas changed radically, thus Afro-Beat was born. Sandra is the only featured vocalist on Fela’s music. The song Upside Down, which was a hit in 1977, up to today is considered a classic of Afro-Beat music. It is through her single-handed influence as a midwife for this genre. Sandra Izsadore is called The Mother of Afro-Beat. Sandra Izsadore is immortalized in Fela’s own Biography Fela Fela This Bitch of a Life written by Carlos Moore in 1982, one chapter is dedicated to her.

Here it is 2010, and once again true to her cause Sandra has found a new voice. Horrified by the accounts of friends who detailed the atrocities and conditions of Black people in the Marxist ruled island of Cuba, she decided to put her weight behind those who suffer most in Cuba. In tell the truth Fidel, a new song recently composed with a Malcolm X speech heard in the background. Sandra calls upon the Cuban leader to cease his oppression of Cuba’s Black majority. She uses Malcolm’s speech to convey her message to Fidel to stop the atrocities taking place in Cuba. She has given voice to a cause by doing what she knows best using her voice to sing for positive change.

This message is carried on in the Broadway hit, Fela The Musical. Through the eyes of the audience one can live the American experience of 1969 as depicted by the characters in the musical, based upon the true story, novel written by Carlos Moore direct quotes from Fela. You get a glimpse of the influence Sandra had on Fela. True to her innate cause of humanitarianism Sandra continues to fight for World Peace, Justice and Equality for all.

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