Tzedakah Rahab McNeish, a special child born into a world with a special purpose. from early childhood, Tzedakah was exposed to music. her father working as an audio engineer/producer with various well known r&b and rap artist and her mother being the queen of afro-beat constantly exposed Tzedakah to world music. These were the stepping stones of influence that led Tzedakah to develop a style of her own using conscious lyrics, and choosing music as a weapon to make positive change in the world. Tzedakah displayed her talents early on by being featured on the CD; Excerpts Of Fela, which she wrote and performed her own lyrics (tracks - Ariwo and Ten Steps).

Tzedakah has continued to show signs of artistic ability through her writing and tirelessly working to improve her style and her flow. She has studied the art of performing in dance as well as dabbling in instruments to help perfect the quality of her performance. She is thrilled to perform whenever the opportunity arises, whether it be on a cruise line stage during vacation, for friends and family, she doesn’t miss the chance to perfect her craft. This is merely the beginning, Tzedakah not only has the ability to write, but she has created her own style of singing and so far is the only female on the west coast to come hard with a message.Tzedakah is on the rise and is one to look out for.