10.22.17Sandra Izsadore

My apologies to all of you who reached out to make contact just received my mail. Apologies to you all please reach out again or I will reach out to your




Very great and wonderful Platform.

I would Love to do some works with Y'll...
With Maximum Respect to the Afrobeat Goddess.

gde @ 9geria..


08.17.14Raul Ochoa

I am inquiring about your artist development. I am a Colorado artist, I produce my own beats mix n master all of my own music up to this point I just need a little more direction. Hope to hear back thank you.

03.31.14Rico X

greetings, where can I buy the song upside down, featuring Sandra with Fela, I can't seem to find it anywhere?

10.02.13Dr. Kenneth Love



Program Producer/Host:

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I have an extensive and long-term background in the Music and Publishing industries, as a; musician/recording artist/producer, writer/author, 20+ years as an international radio/video promoter and media publicist, and radio station host/co-host/producer.

Additionally, I published, edited, and wrote a Music industry newsletter for over 2,000 musicians for over 10 years, and you may view what a few of my musician clients and readers say about my results and industry articles at http://www.1waypr.com/EntClients.html

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In advance, thank you.

Dr. Kenneth Love

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06.05.12Mekael Adu

I am an independent documentary maker working mainly for the BBC. My recent film The Man who Shrank the Globe was two Royal Television Society awards for Best Doco and Best Programme and I have been approached to have a look at making a documentary to co-incide with the release next year of a film on the same subject by the BAFTA winning director Steve McQueen of Shame fame.

I am working on a documentary idea for the BBC - although it may end up on another channel or on the documentary film circuit depending on budgets - about the singer Fela Kuti. We believe you are a very much central to the story and we would very much like to interview you for the project.

Any queries please email or call 01949850549 07505409165

Thanks you

Mekael Adu

02.08.12Sinatra Harlem

Love the Web Page

08.28.11Ciara Woods

hey im a fresh young rapper and singer and i was wondering do you need some young talet or how do i get in SMB??


I love u I love your music listing to it now

03.02.11Greetings Byron - hoping to secure promo + interview with sandra

Greetings - long been a strong fan of sandra izadore and received her previous album via toli nameless and helen mcdonald and have played it often on air and at events. I also included it in my recent online mama africa mix for future fusion radio.

I am very much hoping yuou can send me a promo (oe zip link ) of NIGERIA and i would also like to explore interview ossibilities with sandra for womens radio/resonance fm and other outlets.

Not sure how to make the interview happen as i am inlondon - where there;s a will ... there's a way ...

my postaladress is ebbie golt, 113 cheesemans terrace, london w14 9xh, uk

thank you


www.african-essence.com isone area i would use the music

01.12.11John Warr

Ive been playing tracks from Sandra Iszadore\'s Excerpts of Fela Pt1 CD on our radio show (I would like to send you our playlist). I was curious to know if there was a part 2 planned or released?

The 2hr weekly show called AfroBase goes out on FM here and on the web at www.totallyradio.com free to stream.

Best wishes